ODL SF is well known in the software industry for its mobile application testing process. Mobile testing is usually carried out by software professionals after developing an application software in order to ensure that its usability functionality and consistency meet the required standards. With plenty of mobiles and other hand held electronic devices are hitting the market every minute, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the newly developed application software conforms to the standards, in order to appeal to the customer. This testing can be either carried out manually or by using an automated testing service.

The staff at ODL SF will build test cases and execute several test runs on several real iOS as well as Android devices to see the outcome. The report prepared after this testing is carried can help you decide on how to improve your application before releasing it to the general public. There have been several cases of applications being released to the market without efficient testing being carried out which resulted in numerous bug and finally ending u creating a bad image for the firm in the public’s mind. To avoid a scenario similar to this, most experts recommend putting your app through testing services for each revision.

The members of the ODL SF   team have been a part of the software industry in several different ways , starting from the very low ranks as they worked to move up the ladder and finally build applications of their own. So be assured that the staff at ODL SF   knows the ordeals you have gone through to create your application software. The challenges of creating a fully functional mobile application lie in the being able to keep up with the constant evolution of the OS.  With new phones being introduced, the OS goes through changed to keep up, making it challenging for mobile developers as well as QA engineers. ODL SF   is aware of all these challenges and will help guide you through the intricate process of testing on all screen sizes, different OS versions, and different hardware and so on.

Key features that are tested by ODL SF:

  •        Download ability from different stores.
  •        Ability to function on different operating systems.
  •        Access to different devices to carry out manual testing.
  •        Compatibility with different input methods
  •        Testing integration with different mobile network operators all over the world.
  •        Ability to pick up call in the midst of running the application.
  •        Compatibility with different resolutions.

Once you get an idea of how your application fares in these different tests, you can go about changing the code to resolve the underlying issues. Many major application software development companies run vigorous application tests to ensure that no patches need to be released later on to resolve the bugs. These patches often undermine the image of the company in the public’s eye.

ODL SF   offers different kinds of testing, from which you can choose the ones that are applicable to your software. This is usually chosen by application development firms after they have run initial tests of their own:

  •        Functional Testing:

This is carried out to make sure that the application is functional as per the requirements. The user interface and the call flow are usually tested here.

  •        Performance Testing:

This is carried out to check the performance of the application in certain situations like low battery, low memory, and low network coverage and so on.

  •        Laboratory Performance:

This is done in corporation with the network carriers to simulate the wireless network.  This can help find any errors that might up pop while the voice or data services are used by some functions of the application.

  •        Interrupt Testing:

Since an application running on a phone in the real world can be interrupted by other application like incoming call or sms, cable removal, network outage and so on.