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An Indepth Look At Our Open Devices Lab 4.67/5 (3)

Jul 06, 17
Bobbie Syler


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One of the tough aspects of building software is testing whether it is accessible from everywhere and every device. Testing of a website or an app in one device is not enough to announce it as successful. Many devices have unique peculiarities which mean that the attractive new feature you developed simply may not work in them. To buy enough devices to cover the entire testing procedure would cost a lot of money, which may not be practical for most students, freelancers, or agencies.

Open Devices Labs contain a collection of real devices and provide developers and testers direct access to these devices. We, ODL SF is one such committed lab providing the much-needed help and encouragement to the dedicated developers and testers. Our aim is to support innovation in the field of technology by providing the right assistance. We help the emulators save a lot of money which can be used for other productive projects.

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The beginning steps!

We launched with just twenty devices. Soon after our launch we started approaching manufacturers and other companies in the digital world who could help us with functional devices for testing. Most of our efforts turned fruitful, and we indeed got many suppliers. We can proudly say that within a year of our launch, the number of devices raised from 20 to 90.

Right from the beginning of our journey, our lab is bountifully supported by donations by common men as well. Many committed and technically aware individuals are donating their old and functional devices to our lab. We are highly indebted to the support of each and every one of you. Your generous act is what helps us grow!

Quality along with quantity is our motto
The number of the devices in our lab has been increasing steadily over the years. Our concentration is not just on the quantity, but the quality of our services as well. Excellent facilities for developers and testers not only in the case of availability of testing devices but also in all respects is what we are trying to provide.

Events for more exposure
We conduct regular events where enthusiasts from around the world get a chance to visit our lab and to know about our services in detail. All such events in the past have received wide acceptance and were graced by huge participation. Such initiatives played a crucial role in enhancing our exposure and increasing our brand value.

Wider reach
Our lab has gained vast popularity in the tech world, and more and more developers are now making use of our services. With such an increasing number of users, tracking our devices became a necessity for efficient management. We recently got a software installed by Wondersoft for easy tracking of our devices (based on their IMEI numbers). This far-sighted decision has helped us in further enhancing our efficiency as an open platform.

We have been featured on popular online sites like, and it gave us the much-needed boost in the industry. We strive to continually improve our facilities to enhance the experience of the developers who choose us.

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Importance Of Donating Your Old Devices To Open Device Labs 4.67/5 (3)

May 27, 17
Bobbie Syler


Did you buy a new smartphone recently? What about the old one? What are you planning to do with it? As the market value of second-hand smart devices is not much, you may decide against selling it. The usual trend is that it will lay somewhere in your home untouched till the day you find it unusable anymore. Did you know that there are better things to do with your devices? Yes! You heard it right. Continue reading, and we are sure that you would never keep an unused smart gadget with you unnecessarily!

Open Devices Lab- What it is all about?
Open Devices Labs are communities which share internet connected devices like smartphones, tablets, consoles, etc. such labs are open for testing and can be used by developers for testing their websites or apps.

Web site or app developers will be aware of the fact that no matter how much effort is put into the development, certain features will not work as expected especially across mobile devices. Did you know that about 20,000 different models and almost 15 new devices are hitting the market every week? Each model is unique and possesses its own technical features. An app or website has to be successfully tested in all these variants before they are released. So a developer needs access to each of these variants.

Crowdsourcing- The much-needed help!
The scenario described above is where crowd-sourcing comes into the picture. Most developers need access to the devices only for a few weeks or so. So it would be best if there was a platform to share and use the devices. This is exactly what we do at ODL SF. The more the number of people contributing to this lab, the greater the number of devices for testing. This approach of sharing helps developers to save so much money.


Support wholeheartedly!
Most of you who are reading this would be making use of a lot of apps and websites on your smart devices. Understand that the perks you enjoy are the result of hard work of developers and testers. So you have the responsibility to help them. Open Devices Lab gives you the opportunity to donate your old and functional devices to support the developer and testing community.

So, now you know what to do with the old yet functional device of yours! Donating it to ODL SF gives it a meaningful new existence. This is the slightest thing you can do to support the upcoming technologies. If you are part of any organisation, spread the word about ODL SF among your colleagues so that we get more donations. Recently, we received a bulk donation of many devices from the students of Cloud Solutions, a well-known sales force training institute. Thanks to their understanding. We look forward to more generous people offering us support!

If you are a fresher developer and the concept of Open Devices Lab seems interesting to you, you can read and understand more about the process at All the best for your career! We at ODL SF are always ready to help you.

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