Data Use Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to ODLSF! Our privacy policy explains why we collect details from our users. We collect private information to enhance user experience and provide personalized digital content, recognizing the user and providing them with services they want. The information is retained in the server logs for a stipulated period. The non-identifiable IP address is also stored for reference purposes. We collect information during surveys, reviews and comments while engaging with our website. We may collect name and email id to send newsletters to our users.

Non-identifiable data is shared with third parties like Facebook, Google, etc. The information may be shared with the service providers operating our website. These operators have passed strict security standards and work with your information with privacy in mind. We take best care to ensure that the information is not breached and the privacy is protected at all times.

Terms of Use

Our website is bound by our terms of use. It educates the users on what to do and what not to do while using the website. The website can used to gain information. You are asked not to reuse our content without our permission. The content is owned by us and is not meant for any other use. We own the materials on the website and are protected. If you like any of our articles, photos, videos or publications, you need to get permission from ODLSF before reusing it. The terms are updated regularly and users are requested to check this page for updates. Continuous use of the website means you agree to our terms.

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