USA tech jobs portal explores the various testing trends of 2021

An Image Representing The Software Testing Concept.

Software testing- A part of technology testing and upgradation

Software testing is a sector that is on continual evolution as the technology leaps forward with umpteen innovations and user-centric upgradations. With the growing need for efficiency, the software testing has become an inevitable aspect of the software development life cycle; and the very reason why testing professionals are on surging demand in the job market. The testers with AI, IoT, cloud technology, and Big Data are in big demand for various industries. Another biggest advantage of being trained in the testing technology is the smooth career transition to business analyst jobs and other careers. This article throws light on various benefits of treading on a testing career path and the top five testing professions recommended by the leading USA tech job portal.

Benefits of being trained in a testing career

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High salary package: There is a widespread myth surrounding the tester salary package being considerably low compared to that of developers. However, top portals like TechFetch jobs reports that salary packages for both the professions are alike and the salaries are primarily fixed based on experience, skills and certifications.

High demand: the increased demand for quality software products and services has necessitated the need to involve testing in every software development stage. Hence, the demand for testing will remain high as long as software development demands exist.

Smooth career transition: As the testing sector does not need sophisticated coding knowledge, many other stream candidates get into the IT field by pursuing Software testing courses.

Simple courses: Testing courses are simple to learn. Candidates with basic coding skills can enter the testing world by pursuing testing courses offered by the top universities or institutes.

Easy to work remotely: Pandemic has shown how remote working can be an efficient and cost-reducing option for IT companies. QA testing is a field that offers amazing work from home options for employees who desire a greater work-life balance. Freelancing is also a feasible option for testing, with many companies shifting their preference to remote working lately.

If you are convinced with the benefits offered by the testing profession, here is how you can prepare for a tester’s role. Linux, Database, SQL, automation tools, test management tools, defect tracking tools, automation testing, and performance testing are vital to excelling in testing professions. Here are the top five testing skills that will trend in the coming years.

Software Testing Skills

Top five testing skills

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning in testing
AI and ML-based testing will continue to trend in the coming years too. Adopting these technologies makes testing smarter and enables the tester’s adaptation easier and faster. AI-based testing is inviting massive investment from all sectors. It is likely to reach $200 billion in the next five years.AI is likely to make a foray into testing areas that comprise analytics and report generations. Log analytics, Test suite optimizations, predictive analysis, and defect analytics are the few areas that AI is expected to make efficient.

Test automation
About 44% of Tech companies are expected to automate half of the testing processes that are guaranteed to rise further in the coming years. With the growing preference to automate the testing process by faster bug detection, performing repetitive tasks, and providing feedback loops, organizations search for testers who are adept with automated tools. According to the USA’s top job portal, TechFetch jobs, employing skilful testers can help save high costs, workforce, and time.

 An Image That Representing The Software Testing Skills Concept.

Big Data testing
Big data has an indomitable presence in different sectors, including banking, telecom, retail, healthcare, and technology. The big data has been crucial in optimizing and segmenting quality assurance decisions. The data validation for better market strategies has facilitated the need for detail-oriented testing. TechFetch jobs foresee a notable rise in big data testing in the coming years.

DevOps testing
DevOps testing is yet another methodology that has gained a great prominence over a couple of years. The DevOps methodology practically combines both Development and IT operations and is focused on optimizing the Software development life cycle. The teams work on fixing bugs, building features, and pushing frequent updates. The QA for DevOps increases communication between the teams by integrating QA into CI/CD.

IoT testing
With the Internet of Things devices reaching a whopping 20.5 billion count in 2020, the requirement for testing these platforms is also on a new high. IoT testers ensure ease of use, security assurance, scalability, device authenticity, and many other device-specific testings that enhance the devices’ security, usability, and performance.

USA tech jobs portal explores the various testing trends of 2021

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