Technology Testing

Testing Medical Equipment Is More Than Important, It Is Vital

Importance of Testing Medical Equipment The equipment hospitals and clinics employ play a central role in daily working. A healthcare facility is only as good as the accuracy of their equipment which means regular testing and calibration are necessary steps. Leading Diagnostics and Labs in Chennai, explain how a healthcare provider should maintain and test […]

POS Software Testing: The Absolute Need For It

POS Testing Challenges and Solutions¬† In simple words, a point of sale system is a computer with a printer, cash drawer, card readers and scanner. It is used in retail stores (and other businesses) to ring up orders, print bills and take payment. The software installed on the computer allows accumulation of information which can […]

Cloud testing for mobile and web applications

The testing lab is the foundation for checking the web and mobile applications. In most times, it holds back from automation. Due to lab issues alone, about 15% of automated checks fail. Do not let configuration, network or stability issues slow you down. Instead, make your business a perfect one by approaching smart lab. Such […]

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