Month: March 2019

Benefits of functioning your in-house device lab

Accurate operation of Lab Testing is a very important feature to achieve the reliability one needs to perform the activities 24/7. Practices Learned While Performing Bitbar TestingĀ  Operational Log A very simple practice but many do not follow and end up with troubleshooting complex issues. Larger endeavors setup devices are stocked in hundreds and require […]

Cloud testing for mobile and web applications

The testing lab is the foundation for checking the web and mobile applications. In most times, it holds back from automation. Due to lab issues alone, about 15% of automated checks fail. Do not let configuration, network or stability issues slow you down. Instead, make your business a perfect one by approaching smart lab. Such […]

Significance of digital testing

Nowadays, more and more consumers have started to purchase products online and it is the reason the majority of businesses are going digital. If you wish to cater to the increasing requirements of the customers, you have to implement a systematic method to software development and also testing. It helps in converting your visitors to […]

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