Importance Of Battery Testing

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Standby power plays an essential role in business and residences. So it is critical that the batteries which are used as a source for standby power are in top condition. When the battery is performing to its full potential, it can help in running many critical types of equipment. So regular testing of those batteries is necessary. Testing of batteries in residences can be done by yourself, or you should contact the UPS dealers who will suggest on the need for change in battery or the capacity that is required for your residence or commercial building. Refer to know more about cells.
We know that regular testing of batteries is necessary, but what testing type should be done to check its performance and what will it tell us?

Technician testing a old inverter battery inside a lab setupWhy Should We Test Inverter Batteries

When you test the batteries, you will get to know the below things about it.
● Is it charged fully or what is the amount of charge left?
● The duration the charge will last
● How is the current performance when compared to how it was when bought newly?
● Is your battery affected by any interference?
● Is it generating any noise?

How to test Inverter batteries

Testing of batteries: There is no single method which can be used to test them and the state of health (SOH) cannot be measured accurately. It can at best be an estimate based on the symptoms seen, and if there are no symptoms, the measured values will not be trustworthy. Three-pointers should be checked when you are testing a battery.
● The ability to deliver energy when called
● Capacity: The volume of energy it can store
● The discharge under various conditions.
Even a weak battery may work well, and a reliable battery with less charge can show symptoms of discharge. The performance of the battery is based on how long it has been unused, charge available and the amount of self-discharge.

Importance of Testing Inverter batteriesTechnician using multi meter to test the capacity of a inverter battery

The best way to determine the health of a cell is the amount of energy it can store. A new one should have 100% capacity. When the capacity of the battery starts diminishing, that necessarily means that the life of the battery is on a slide down. It is hard to determine when to replace the battery. Capacity should be used as the indicator for replacement; if the capacity is reduced to less than 50%, you will have more power failures.

The replacement of batteries depends on which industry you are using it in. While some can afford to use it longer as they are not worried about failures, and there are some sectors like the health and aviation where even failure of power for a few seconds can be damaging.

The problem in testing batteries is due to lack of technology that can aid in checking the performance of batteries which are at 80% level. It is easy to check a dead battery as the testers provide accurate results. Compared to the technology available for other things, the test processes involved in monitoring the battery is very primitive along with a proper method to check the state of the charge held by the battery.

Importance Of Battery Testing

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