Do You Know Enough About Mobile Testing?

It has happened with all of us, we install an app just to delete it after a few minutes. The typical reason to do that is because apps create bugs on our mobile phones. It is a widespread occurrence especially these days. The number of bug-filled mobile apps is on a super rise. If you have a question in your mind whether something can be done for it or not, the answer is yes. There are solutions to prevent buggy apps from bothering you and wasting your time. This article will throw light on mobile development which is a significant field in software engineering.

There is nothing more dangerous than the hazardous software engineering gone wrong. We all carry mobile phones wherever we go. It becomes very cumbersome to handle bugs at times due to which we get irritated and uninstall specific apps. There are various challenges of mobile testing that lead to such buggy apps. However, companies that invest a good amount in mobile testing are the ones that develop excellent apps without any major bug. Many times even the best-rated apps on the play store are problematic. Hence when we install one we are at risk of establishing a bug filled app.

For companies, it is a significant responsibility to give your users a hassle-free experience through the apps. App developers usually think that developing a mobile app is easy. However, it is not so in reality. If it were easy, then more than half of the world would be doing it now. Quality mobile apps need a tremendous amount of effort and skills. Cellphone app testers and developers face multiple operating systems as the first challenge. Developing mobile apps for different platforms is like playing minefield. You never know when you are taking a wrong step.

After operating systems, the next challenge is multiple devices from mobile phones to tablets and many more. The app must be connectivity friendly be it a 2G, 3G or 4G connection. Various entry options should be there for the app like a keypad or blackberry physical keypad. Now comes the time to select the best testing tool for the app. There are many options from which you can choose one as per your preferences. Many developers make their own testers to test their apps. It gives them the independence to modify as per their convenience and the suitability of its users.

Mobile device Testing can face some of these significant challenges in the future:

  • Device fragmentation: There are so many devices to choose from, it is advisable to test on as many as possible. In fact, on the same device, you must test for different usage.
  • Data consumption: Multiple apps altogether can wreck your monthly data bill. Hence choosing an app that is a budget option for your data is essential. Developers need to test the app for its data consumption. No user will prefer your app if it creates havoc on their mobile data.
  • Battery life and processing power: An app needs to be battery friendly. An app that drains the battery too quickly is a complete no-no. Hence checking it for power consumption is a mandate.
  • Compatibility with GPS, Scanners, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, etc.: A mobile phone has become a huge thing today. It can serve the operation of many different devices altogether. From biometric scanners to a camera and location sensor, a mobile device is a gift to mortal beings. An app must have the feature to use specific internal options in the gadget such as GPS to perform its function. It eases up the functionality of an app. The app must be friendly in adapting to the other features such as location, touch, camera, etc.
  • Touchscreen GUI and UX: Natural and effortless user experience is what counts today. Your app must have a fast processing speed as well as a comfortable user interface.

A developer needs to select from a variety of testing tools. A single testing tool cannot define the robustness of the performance of your app. Developers who successfully test their apps are the ones to make a successful contribution to the mobile phone users. Otherwise, there are huge chances that users will install your app and uninstall it within a matter of few minutes.

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Do You Know Enough About Mobile Testing?

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