Things To Know About Mobile Application Testing

In this digital world, there is an increase in the use of mobile applications by people. Users are offered with a choice to choose from various useful and interesting applications. It is essential that the good quality mobile app is being used as it takes up the space of your mobile. The quality of a mobile app can be tested using mobile application testing. Here you would know about the things related to mobile application testing.

Why Mobile Application Testing?

It is essential that you measure the success of your mobile app by the number of downloads and positive reviews. The success of a mobile app can be ensured by proper mobile application testing process. This helps to come up with better software or app which is functional, usable, consistent, etc. You all know testing is an essential phase of a software development cycle. Testing is even more critical with the development of mobile apps. This would help to improve the quality of the mobile app thereby offering satisfaction for end users. , and an application can sustain in the market only when it works up to the mark.

Major Challenges in Mobile Application Testing


Compared to the traditional testing of software mobile application testing is complex and it comes with specific challenges. The main challenge is that the arrival of new types and models of mobile devices. Every year thousands of android model mobile devices and smartphones enter the market. These mobile devices vary in size, shape, software used, operating system, etc. It is essential that you test all the above aspects when introducing a new mobile app.

The other major challenge with testing mobile app is that the mobile device is used in mobile, i.e. wherever you travel. Thus your mobile app should function properly with the network changes and roaming issues.

Image That Shows The Manual Testing and Automated Testing

Best Practices For Mobile Application Testing

There are two main approaches followed in mobile application testing. They are explained below.

Manual Testing: It is a process where humans are involved in the testing process. The humans checks if the application meets the requirements of the user. The mobile application should also be checked of it is usable and user-friendly. Manual testing can test nearly 20% of the mobile app.

Automated Testing: This is another testing approach where test cases are used to test the mobile app. There is no human intervention required in this approach. This speeds up the testing process and verifies the functionalities which are not possible with manual testing.

The above offers a clear overview of mobile application testing and its importance.

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Things To Know About Mobile Application Testing

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