What are the features of utilizing mobile test lab?

It requires a lot of work to handle a device lab personally. It becomes more difficult when the devices constantly get added to the market and it may also rise in cost price. The basic fact is that the survival of software development and delivery depends on conclusive testing and standard control. So it is always important to set up a centralized receptacle of devices for the organization of the testing process.

Benefits of Having In-House Test Lab

The benefit of the centralized receptacle is that the resources will be shared by all the testers. The limitation of one person usage of the device at a time will be taken away. It will no longer be confined to one tester in one device. It adds up to the mobile automation testing as it works as the centralization of devices at a single place. It plays a major role in managing the projects.

There are many benefits to setting up an in-house test lab. It is a place where several devices are accessible in one register and allow maximum usage of tablets and smartphones. Some of the benefits include

Many ranges of devices under one roof

Many companies to test mobile applications subscribe to devices lab through the cloud. But working on cloud-based labs comes with its own flaws like high expense, network problems, issues with performance and many more. Looking at the flaws, in-house looks the perfect choice.

Testing devices are more secured

The companies have strict rules regarding their privacy policies. They have to be extra cautious in their unreleased applications. The in-house automated test labs make sure that they are tested in complete security. So one can be assured of its security.

Optimizes availability and device usage level

Sometimes the tests run long or even overnight. The pressure is more on the quality control team if the organization has more development teams. In this hectic and strained situation, in-house comes to the rescue while increasing the speed and ensuring good quality.

Facilities special setups

There are projects that require a special setup which involves particular hardware or environment to permit excellent device utilization for testing the device thoroughly. A test lab works according to the requirements of the customer.

To run a Test effectively, one must ensure that the software is regularly updated and checked. It will improve the quality and will make the testing and development run faster, reliable and simple to measure. The Test lab also ensures that it can be worked on multiple platforms and can mechanize Hybrid, Web and Native mobile applications.

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What are the features of utilizing mobile test lab?

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