POS Software Testing: The Absolute Need For It

POS Testing Challenges and Solutions 

In simple words, a point of sale system is a computer with a printer, cash drawer, card readers and scanner. It is used in retail stores (and other businesses) to ring up orders, print bills and take payment. The software installed on the computer allows accumulation of information which can then be used for a variety of processes like tracking inventory or keeping accounts. A POS is a critical piece of gadgetry for any business.

Because the competition in businesses is so high, especially retail, a right and well-functioning POS can be the extra edge, and the great differentiator needed. When it works properly, it enhances efficiency, reduces mistakes and automates a lot of processes. Succinctly put, they make the entire business more profitable.

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Common Problems that Retailers face with POS Systems

On the other hand, when a POS doesn’t work correctly or as it is expected, it leads to enormous consequences such as:

• Incorrect inventory keeping which can lead to theft and pilfering.
• The extra requirement of the workforce at checkout stores because the POS is too slow or just unreliable
• Sales reports with errors which would lead to the wrong level of stock keeping and ultimately lack of control on finances
• Inaccurate customer data can lead to loss of business due to inadequate customer services

Mr. Chris who has been into testing with leading POS Software Company, https://wondersoft.in/ state that testing POS solutions is imperative. Before the system is deployed, evaluating if the POS is working on all essential levels is necessary.

The domains that need to be quality checked include:

• Reliability
• Scalability
• Easy maintenance
• Recovery management
• Security
• Customisation

Testing Retail Point Of Sale System

Testing the point of sale ensures that there are no interruptions, glitches or breakdowns after it has been implemented in a business. The parts of a POS system that need to be tested are:

Image That Represents the Types of Testing Level of POS System• The device: This is the POS terminal which will be utilised by employees to conduct all functionalities. It should be checked for hardware issues such as barcode reading, check reading, printers, scanners and any other performance attribute it has.

• The store server: Every data that is collected on the terminal is passed on to the local server or the server in the store. It maintains all valuable information connected to the business such as transactional data. The server is connected to each POS application in the store and an enterprise level server which means it should be evaluated for:

o Interface
o Business intelligence reports
o Analytics
o Recovery
o Security

• The enterprise server: This part of the POS system is at the backend, but it also requires the same checkpoints as the local server.

The method applied for POS testing, manual or through automation tools, is not that imperative. What is indispensable and vital is evaluating the POS before it is installed in a business.

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POS Software Testing: The Absolute Need For It

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